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Service manual 1998 Cadillac Catera Engine 3.0L Oil Cooler

1998 Cadillac Catera Engine 3.0L Oil Cooler
This manual covers the oil cooler removing/installing for 1998 cadillac catera engine 3.0L DOHC V6.
Removal 1. Raise and support the vehicle. 2. Drain the engine oil and remove the oil filter housing. 3. Loosen the oil cooler outlet (1) and the inlet (2) lines from engine block. See Fig. 16 . 4. Lower the vehicle. 5. Remove the intake plenum. See INTAKE PLENUM . 6. Remove the intake manifold.

See INTAKE MANIFOLD & SPACER . 7. Disconnect the following electrical connectors from the water crossover: The engine coolant temperature sender (2). The engine coolant temperature sensor (4). See Fig. 17 . 8. Remove the water crossover bolts (1). 9. Remove the water crossover upper and lower seals (2). See Fig. 18 . 10. Loosen the upper heat shield bolts on the left side of the exhaust manifold. See Fig. 19 . 11. Remove the oil cooler outlet line from the engine oil cooler. See Fig. 20 . 12. Remove the oil cooler inlet line from the engine oil cooler. 13. Note the positioning of the 4 seals. See Fig. 21 . 14. Position oil feed and return lines aside and secure with mechanic wire. 15. Remove the engine oil cooler inlet and outlet nuts (1). See Fig. 22 . 16. Remove the engine oil cooler cover bolts (2). 17. Remove the engine oil cooler cover. 18. Remove the engine oil cooler. 19. Clean all sealing surfaces.


Fuel Ijection How its Work Manual guide

Fuel Ijection How its Work Manual guide
This document is the Bosch L-Jetronic fuel injection-fuel injected detail for How its Work Manual guide  Wizard engines first edition-July 2004 from Brad Artigue. Document contents: how it works L-Jetronic, L-Jetronic sensors, regulators, injectors and pumps, double relay and electronic central unit, mechanical components, electric scheme, lambda, fuel injection tuning, sensor testing, regulatorm pump ad testing, performance information. In 1980 FIAT introduced the system with multiport fuel injection Bosch in their vehicles. He introduced the first California bound vehicles and from 1981 on all American vehicles, Bosch system, better performance, efficiency, reliability and quality of the engine operations. The sole responsibility for the increase in horsepower per litre, 23 2 engines, the system, known as the Bosch L-Jetronic, was popular not only in the FIATs but on almost all European cars produced in 1980.

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Complete Owner’s Manual 2002 Cadillac Escalade

Complete Owner’s Manual 2002 Cadillac Escalade
This is information about Complete Owner’s Manual 2002 Cadillac Escalade show the seats in your vehicle and how to use your safety belts properly. You can also learn about some things you should not do with air bags and safety belts. Section 2 Features and Controls Here you can learn about the many standard and optional features on your vehicle, and information on starting, shifting and braking. Also explained are the instrument panel and the warning systems that tell you if everything is working properly — and what to do if you have a problem.

Section 3 Comfort Controls and Audio Systems : In this section, you’ll find out how to operate the comfort control and audio systems offered with your vehicle. Be sure to read about the particular systems supplied with your vehicle. Comfort Controls, Electronic Climate Control System, Air Conditioning. Defogging and Defrosting, Care of Your Cassette Tape Player. Section 4 Your Driving and the Road : Here you’ll find information about driving on different kinds of roads and in varying weather conditions. We’ve also included many other useful tips on driving. Section 5 Problems on the Road : Here you’ll find what to do about some problems that can occur on the road. Hazard Warning Flashers, Other Warning Devices, If You’re Stuck: In Sand, Mud, Ice or Snow, Section 6 Service and Appearance Care. Here you will find information about the care of your vehicle.

This section begins with service and fuel information, and then it shows how to check important fluid and lubricant levels. There is also technical information about your vehicle, and a part devoted to its appearance care. Service, Fuel, Fuels in Foreign Countries, Filling Your Tank, Automatic Transmission Fluid, Electrical System, Normal Maintenance Replacement Parts. Windshield Wiper Blade Replacement.


Fiat 1.3 JTD Multijet engines Diesel engine timing tools

Fiat 1.3 JTD Multijet
Fiat 1.3 JTD Multijet engines Diesel engine timing tools. Fiat 1.3 JTD Multijet 16v engines are all twin cam, common rail diesely. The chain drive links the crankshaft of the exhaust camshaft, which is subsequently linked rear vackového shaft suction. There are two sets of instruments, including the timing of these engines. Requires a set amount of the repairs to be carried out depends on the engine. VS4885: for simple control and setting the timing shaft vackového/crankshaft. VS4880: for the door lock and the engine timing setting during engine/cylinder head engine-repair in-situ or removed from the vehicle.
Part of the design and construction of these engines are several features to minimize the amount of necessary during the repair of the dis-assembly.

These features are especially important for the timing of the engine when removing the cylinder head/camshaft. Using the special tool repair timing Tool Kit (VS4880) you can remove the camshaft without disturbing the front-end, the timing, and timing chain pastorky or remove the front timing chain cover.
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