Monday, November 21, 2011

1992 Suzuki Swift Manual Book

The document contains information about the motor system, removal and installation of engine system Suzuki Swift. 1) Out of fuel pressure. View pressure release FUEL REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION. Disconnect the battery cables. Remove the battery, battery tray and hood. Drain coolant and remove the radiator hoses. 2) Disconnect the wires from the cooling fan. Remove the air filter assembly. Remove the radiator and cooling fan as a whole. Disconnect the fuel lines and heater hoses. Identify, mark and remove the vacuum lines and hoses in the engine. 3) Disconnect the throttle cable throttle body. Remove the fresh air duct. Disconnect the speedometer and the clutch cable bracket on the transmission. Label and disconnect all cables from the engine and transmission. 4) Loosen A / C compressor screw adjustment. Remove the protective belt presentation. Raise vehicle and disconnect the exhaust pipe on the manifold. Loosen compressor A / C pivot bolt. Remove a belt / C compressor unit and mounting bracket (if installed). 5) The automatic transmission, disconnect the control shaft and shift changes in the transverse extension rod. Remove the engine torque bar bracket. In the manual transmission, disconnect the clutch cable control. 6) In all models, drain the transmission and engine oil. Move container from coal. Disconnect the ball joints and remove the drive axles. FWD AXLE SHAFT View item in the section of the unit AXES. 7) Lower vehicle. Attach chain hoist to the engine. Disconnect the rear and the engine is mounted to the side supports. Remove the engine and transmission as a whole. suzuki quick installation. Lower the engine or motor and transmission into the vehicle. Install motor mounts to the brackets. Install screws in the supports of the frame. Tighten the screws to specifications. See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS table at end of article. To complete installation, reverse removal procedure.